On May 2, 2010 the tribe had lost our Vice Chair Carole Tapia to cancer. Carole had served on the Tribal Council since before federal recognition. While serving on the Tribal Council she had seen the growth of the tribe by simple attrition and also by the fruits of her hard work. Carole was just a joy to be around and her wisdom is still missed today.

She was totally driven to see the success of the tribes’ economic development, especially as how it related to the future of the tribe and most importantly the children. From the inception of the Koi Nation, she was a mom looking for a secure means to push her own families’ future. That drive had grown to include grandchildren for which she loved dearly.
As the last generation and person tied to the tribes previous recognition, she was able to share the important stories and history that were filled with valuable information for future generations to cherish.

In relation to her actual position as Vice Chair, Carole loved being at the office and being able to offer her assistance with her 23 years of experience of working at the Sonoma County Indian Health Project. She enjoyed our many trips especially if a quick visit with a fun filled evening at a casino was involved. In her free time she enjoyed just getting in the car and “cruising”, just like the old days. But her true loves of her life was her grandchildren. They should be proud of all of her accomplishments and know how much she loved them. All of the future generations should also know that her work for the tribe was out of her love them as well.

We think of her daily and still approach our endeavors with the thought of how she might deal with them too. The tribe does miss her gregarious nature and her fair, firm and fun ways of moving the tribe to the future.

We miss you and we love you.

Your tribe, your family...