Tribal Government

Koi Nation Tribal Council

Tribal Council
Darin Beltran

Drake Beltran
Vice Chairman

Dino Beltran
Judy Morgan Faber


Dino Beltran

Dino is a seasoned professional whose experience has proven invaluable in helping direct the tribe toward economic self-reliance. He’s held senior management positions in the hospitality and retail industries. He has been working on tribal development for the past two decades. As the lead in the tribe’s economic development affairs, he looks to build towards a strong minded, indpendant and disciplined tribal future. Working with his brother Darin and nephew, Drake on a daily basis has been a very rewarding experience for Dino.

Dino’s mother, Ann Beltran, great- aunt, Olive Johnson, grandmother, Margaret Johnson and great uncle Harry Johnson, all inspire his dedication to the cultural survival of the tribe. He credits his mother with his commitment and devotion to the education and health of future generations as his top priorities, especially when making any decision for the tribe.

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