Tribal Government

Koi Nation Tribal Council

Tribal Council
Darin Beltran

Drake Beltran
Vice Chairman

Dino Beltran
Judy Morgan Faber


Drake Beltran
Vice Chairman

Currently Drake is striving towards a degree in Business Marketing and Communications. Being a young absorbing Tribal Council Member, Drake has the potential to mold into a great leader and voice for his people. Growing up, Drake was raised to enforce the importance of family and loyalty. He firmly believes that if the tribe maintains strong unity, they can embrace their cultural and spiritual history with dignity.

Drake is part of the new generation of young adults and plans on helping the Koi Nation progress. Throughout the progression he wants to give the tribe better opportunities for education, health, and structure. He is an extremely selfless and giving person that has an optimistic approach to the future of his people and their generations to come.

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