The Koi Nation and the Tribal-State Compact

Suffering from high unemployment and poor living conditions and without a land base, the Koi Nation made a decision to explore tribal government gaming as an economic development program.

When IGRA was passed in 1988, it was hoped that gaming would be a viable and positive way for tribes to improve living conditions on Indian reservations. It has done that and more. Gaming has helped tribes up and down California and around the nation achieve economic self-reliance, and with it, true self-determination. As a federally recognized Indian tribe, the Koi Nation has the right to that opportunity as well.

We are ready to negotiate a compact with the state. It is encouraging that Governor Schwarzenegger recognizes the positive economic benefits of tribal government gaming.

Each tribal government must decide for itself whether it is in the best interest of its people to negotiate their compact. Every Indian tribe is different, with its own set of issues and circumstances. As a federally recognized tribe, we look forward to negotiating an agreement that meets the unique needs of our people.


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