Tribal Economic Development

Since the arrival of European and American settlers in the 18th and 19th centuries, Native Americans have been amongst the poorest ethnic groups in the nation. Unemployment rates on reservations can reach ten times the national average. Harsh, remote geographic locations and misguided federal policies add to the miserable economic picture.

The Koi Nation recognizes that economic development is the critical to a brighter future. For our tribe, tribal government gaming is that key. But the reality is that, without land, economic development is not possible.

For tribes throughout California and the nation, tribal government gaming has proven time and again to be a valuable catalyst for economic change. With proceeds from tribal government gaming, our tribal government will be able to provide the kinds of services our people need, including housing, healthcare, educational and employment opportunities and care for our elders. Gaming revenue will also provide the foundation to fund a number of diverse future economic development projects, benefiting our tribe as well as surrounding communities.

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